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More info about CR-Credits:

  • What are CR-Credits?

CR-Credits is a global currency on the network (ingame minecraft).

  • What can you do with this Credits?

You can buy ingame Ranks, Powers, kits, stuff and much more!

  • Why 4Creation is working with a currency (CR-Credits)?

We want that players decide when and on what they dispense there CR-Credits.


We have 2 options to checkout as payment methode:

  • Paypal

If you want to pay with paypal or creditcards choose paypal as payment methode.



  • Paygol

Choose paygol as payment methode if you want to pay with paysafecard, bank or mobile.

Note: Payment options depend on the country where you are located.


Note: All prices are in euro's, but if you are from other countries. The checkout will automatically convert the price into your local currency when you go to pay. If you want to change the currency to your own, click on "EUR" at the top of the screen.